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Comprehensive Gynaec Screening

1 in 3 women suffer from common gynaecological conditions like excessive heavy menstrual bleeding, vaginal discharges, pain in the abdomen and pelvic, recurrent urinary infection, pain during intercourse, vaginal discharges, mood swings, hot flashes, dryness or burning sensation in the vaginal area. These could be just symptoms or sometime even more. So, why wait for an emergency when you could choose to take simple steps towards your feminine health.

Motherhood Hospitals brings to you WOW (Wellness of Women) a screening program designed keeping in mind a woman’s gynaecological needs complimented with a conversation with a specialist. Because, every woman matters and so does her health.

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WOW (Wellness of Women) For Teachers is a Comprehensive

Gynecological Screening Program for women of all ages.

What does the package include?

• A consultation with Gynecologist

• A complimentary consultation with Dietician

Tests carried out

▪ Complete Blood Count

▪ Thyroid Function Test

▪ Routine Urine Check-up


▪ PAPsmear

▪ Abdominal / Pelvic scan (upon Doctor’s advice)

▪ 20% off on all Laboratory Tests Suggested by doctor

• Excessive bleeding or heavy

 menstrual bleeding

• Excessive vaginal discharge

• Recurrent urinary infection

• Pelvic pain

• Urinary incontinence or urine


• Pubertal health issues

• Painful intercourse

• Abnormal vaginal bleeding post


• Abnormal period pain

Symptoms to watch out for?

So why wait?

Walk into any Motherhood Hospitals and

get your "Teachers Day" comprehensive Gynaec Screening Package today.

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